Cruising the canals of Amsterdam

The evening we arrived in Amsterdam we decided to survey the area by canal boat. Great fun and really helpful in locating various sights and attractions. Every canal provides a photo opportunity and we have to be selective in reviewing our photos regularly. As you can see I have only included the best here. Many buildings are original 17th century houses. Houses on the waterfront lean towards the canal so that the merchants could lift goods on a pulley without them hitting the building or getting snagged. I loved the colours and the beauty of the Netherlands’ “Venice of the North”.



Original house with beam for hoisting goods. Still useful today.


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  1. Hey Will, just letting you know that your soccer team won the grand final today, 1-0 against Blue Mountains. It was a very tight game, we had to play mostly defence, but luckily Austin scored a beautiful goal, kind of a backwards off his heel kind of shot. We missed you though Will! Looks like you’re all having a great time over there. enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. I just discovered that we can leave a comment. Some people are quite slow when it come to the new technology aren’t they!! We love your Blog and really enjoy every page. All is well on this side of the globe except for the coming election!! Lots of love to all, Nan and Alan

    1. Hi mum and Alan,
      It is lovely when people make a comment. I think I will have to teach our friends the same trick because they don’t seem to have worked it out for themselves.

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